Getrag Differentials

The Getrag swap has been an excellent upgrade for Hemi cars. The swap, depending on your setup can handle around 600-700hp. A lot of variables come into play when you reach the upper limits of the hp numbers.

Is your car naturally aspirated or forced induction? If running forced induction is it a turbo or a supercharger? Do you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission? These are factors to consider when you are running in the 600-700hp range.  

The following items are needed to complete the modification: 
Rear Differential
Rear Axle Shafts
Right Axle
Left Axle
Rear Brake Hubs
Quantity of two are needed
Driveshaft Coupler
This mounts the driveshaft to the differential
Pinion Mounting Bolt 
The bolt goes through the differential into the rear subframe

The Getrag is setup with a 3 bolt flange, if your car is equipped with the 4 bolt flange on the differential, you will need a driveshaft. You could purchase a used driveshaft from a salvage yard and just swap the rear section on your factory shaft. If your car is equipped with a 3 bolt flange on the factory differential, the swap will wotk without the need for a new driveshaft.  

Optional parts to think about replacing: 
Pink bolts and nuts These are the bolts and nuts that attach the driveshaft to the differential. They are much stronger than the bolts that come stock with the Getrag coupler. (These are a an option we highly recommend.)  
Upper Pinion Mounting Bushing
Lower Pinion Mounting Bushing
Axle Nuts
Axle seals for the differential (If installing a used differential.)  

Please Note: Getrags come from the factory prefilled with fluid. You should always verify proper fluid level before driving your vehicle. This is extremely important. The proper fluid for the Getrag Differential is Mopar part number 68218655AA. The fill capacity is 1.4 quarts. You will also need Mopar Limited Slip Additive. That is Mopar part number 4318060AD. You will need 4oz for a refill. These are sold in 4oz bottles.